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for spending some time searching for information about professional counseling on this site! Through my private practice I offer comprehensive treatment for a variety of issues, covering many parts of the person. . .

Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Psychological, & Spiritual.

The myriad of issues facing present generations is staggering to say the least. Many folks struggle just to keep up with daily demands. The stressors that many of us face are sometimes too much for our bodies to handle. The symptoms appear and it seems there is no relief. Anxiety, depression, PTSD, grief, insomnia, and other difficulties steal away the enjoyment and prosperity of life that we would otherwise possess. When one person struggles, everyone around them is affected negatively as well.

With all of this difficulty, we are blessed in our country to have many caring people in the helping fields. There are many resources and opportunities for help. When you just don't know what to do next, be hopeful that help is available.

I have tried to include information on this website that will be valuable for your search for assistance. Take the time to click around the links to learn and find direction. If you live in my area, contact me for a consultation appointment to start on your journey to better times.