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for spending some time searching for information about professional counseling on this site! Through my private practice I offer comprehensive treatment for a variety of issues, covering many parts of the person. . .

Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Psychological, & Spiritual.

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After more than 25 years as a therapist to thousands of clients, I am still amazed how people with the most devastating situations, are able to heal and turn their lives in a new direction with the support of counseling and therapeutical interventions. Many people struggle with various levels and symptoms of depression, anxiety, PTSD, grief, stressors, insomnia, trauma, relationship issues, and other difficulties which steal away the enjoyment and prosperity of life. When one person struggles, everyone around them can be affected negatively as well.

Help is available! Let’s begin with a consultation appointment to discuss your situation. I will provide you with an evaluation and treatment plan to address your particular issues. We will work together to bring about results!

I favor cognitive-behavioral, EMDR therapy, and spiritual therapy above others; these approaches cover important components necessary for healing of people from all persuasions, backgrounds, and socio-ethnic-economic groups. Please read the tab about EMDR therapy which includes a few client testimonials of healing through this very effective therapy. I have ten years experience and am certified and an active member with the EMDRIA group which oversees practitioners. There is a link to my profile on the EMDR page of this website. Also check out my BIO page to learn a little about me.

Thanks for checking out my website. I trust the information here will be helpful- Resources – Articles – Issues. Please phone, email me, or contact me on my Contact Page.

Diana Karpavage, LPCC